Sitting squarely at the intersection of flavor and science Cloudride is on a mission to bring you the best tasting and safest e-liquid on the market. We are a team of vapers that truly believe vape juice is a smarter lifestyle choice than tobacco, and we want to make it fun and easy for everyone to make a similar choice.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds with every one of us bringing unique expertise and life experience, and when you combine them together what you get is a next level e-juice company. We are the first vape juice whose flavors are created by James Beard Award winning chef (the Oscars of food), and he puts the same care in to our e-liquids as he did for his restaurants. Our operations team has over 20 years of combined experience from such companies as Dow Chemical and Proctor and Gamble so we understand pharmaceutical grade Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and why they are better than the ‘food grade’ practices most e-liquid companies adhere to. Most importantly, the bulk of our team has experience making the change in our lives from cigarettes to vaporizers and e-cigs, and we want to help those that have made a similar choice.

We’re not just in this to sell vape juice, we’re in this to help people live longer, more fulfilling lives free from the shackles of big tobacco. Welcome to the new era of e-liquid. Created by chefs. Tested by scientists. Loved by vapers.