Very Berry Slushie (30ML)

KD 6.000
  • Very Berry Slushie (30ML) - Q8Vapor
Very Berry Slushie (30ML) - Q8Vapor Very Berry Slushie (30ML) - Q8Vapor Very Berry Slushie (30ML) - Q8Vapor Very Berry Slushie (30ML) - Q8Vapor


Very Berry Slushie (30ML)

KD 6.000
    • Acetyl Propionyl-Free
    • Diacetyl-Free

    Primary Flavors: Blueberries + Raspberries + Watermelon + Colada

    Meet every vaper’s greatest ally: VaporFi’s Very Berry Slushie Vape Juice! This delectable vape juice delivers an exhilarating explosion of flavor sure to mesmerize your taste buds. Housed in a beautifully designed VaporFi Collector's Slushie Cup, be prepared to vape an e-liquid that transports you to those hot summer days enjoying the unmatched feeling of a cool icy treat quenching your thirst. Nothing is more pleasing than tangy frozen berries blended together with a refreshing colada base, and Very Berry Slushie accomplishes just this! Experience an infusion of berries with ripe watermelon flavor notes blending perfectly throughout each draw. While your tongue enjoys this fruity blend, a chilly colada emerges providing an invigorating flavor body. Finishing off this refreshingly sweet vape juice, blueberries and raspberries combine to bring you lip smacking tartness carried by the coolness of your next all day vape. Ride the wave of VaporFi Very Berry Slushie today!

    what’s included

    • 1 x 30ML Bottle of Very Berry Slushie
    • 1 x VaporFi Collector's Slushie Cup

    specs & features:

    • MAX VG
    • Primary Flavors: Blueberries, Raspberries, Watermelon, Colada

    more information

    • FDA Registered Lab*

      We make our eliquid in a state of the art manufacturing facility. The lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.

    • Top-Rated Nicotine

      Not all nicotine is created equal. While many look to source the most readily available an inexpensive nicotine, we only use the purest available levorotatory nicotine or l-nicotine. This is the most physiologically active type of nicotine.

      See Nicotine Report
    • Top-Rated Glycerin

      Glycerin can be produced from any number of agents, but ours is sourced strictly from Soybean and only the highest quality producers, so most peanut allergies are not an issue.

      See Glycerin Report
    • Better than Food-Grade

      Our E-Liquid flavorings are specifically made to be inhaled, they are a step beyond "food grade," and they have been GRAS approved.

      See Lab Report
    • Formulas FDA Registered

      All of our formulas are on file with the FDA; we want them to know what we're up to!

    • Child-Proof Bottles

      All of our e-liquids are safely packaged in child-proof bottles (NOTE: please keep from reach of children).

      See Lab Report
    • Lot Numbers

      All of our products contain these handy little labels known as "Lot Numbers" so that all of our products can be traced to their origins.

    • High Operation Standards

      We strictly adhere to cGMP operation standards, in line with the 21 CFR part 111 guidelines.